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Are you happy that Jon Gosselin has found love again after his nasty split from Kate?Do you think that he and Colleen Conrad will end up getting married? After the death of his wife and son during childbirth, Claire's father, Jack Mc Leod, married city girl Ruth Silverman.Tess was the product of this tempestuous but short-lived relationship.

At the time of the Since his split from Kate, Jon has gone public with a few women.Tess keeps asking about Nick's injured leg and not getting answers.The herd Bill is paying Claire to run develops lepto and Bill blames Claire, but Claire and Tess discover his herd on his own land also has it., Colleen Conrad has graduated from nursing school.Gosselin recently posted a photo of him and Conrad on Instagram, celebrating her major achievement.

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But she runs into a frosty reception from her half-sister Claire and when she mistakenly leaves a gate unlocked and cattle escape it only compounds relations between the two sisters.

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