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Teachers often get a bad rap from rock-and-roll, dating back to “School Days” by Chuck Berry on through “School’s Out” by Alice Cooper, “Another Brick in the Wall” by Pink Floyd, and both hit versions of “Smokin’ in the Boys Room” by Brownsville Station and Mötley Crüe.

But what happens when the instructor in front of the classroom is actually a rock star?

The Cowsills were the family band who served as the real-life inspiration for The Partridge Family.I became interested in Yoga and Astral projection in my early twenties.It drastically changed my perception of myself and the world around me.It was done by email, with answers received on 9/30/13.Jeff Moehlis: What can we look forward to at the upcoming Teen Idols show at the Chumash Casino? Each of us sings our hits and then we have some surprises we perform together. JM: Back in the day, did you cross paths with either of the other guys who are now part of the Teen Idols tour, Micky Dolenz and Peter Noone? I became very good friends with Davy (Jones) about the last 5 years of his life and after he passed, I organically started to do some of his material in my show as a personal tribute to him.


I cried out for my cousin who was in the tent sleeping. It happened and I experienced it just as I am writing this book.