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Let me make one quick point for the new collectors reading this.

One will often hear the terms 3-screw and 4-screw in reference to the Ambassadeur reels. As one looks at the endplate opposite the handle, the reel will either have 3 or 4 screws. The ABU 3000 and Ambassadeur 4000 have 4 screws on the left side but are not considered by collectors as a 4-screw model.

That's the day I knew if I wanted to collect them, I had to learn about them.There is no previous numbers entered into the record book.The very first entry to the book was 0232~0352 to G and there was nothing before.Undaunted, ABU redirected its skills toward the development of precision fishing reels used by anglers the world over.That's why Abu Garcia later received the honor of being chosen "Purveyor To The Royal Swedish Court," a distinction bestowed upon a select group of manufacturers for consistently exceeding its highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

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One may be surprised at just how good Grandpa's old reel will look when it has been properly cleaned.

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