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Ved Foslo was the son of the Imperial General Foslo, who worked in central intelligence.

When he was around sixteen years old, the younger Foslo became an Imperial cadet at the Royal Imperial Academy on Coruscant, which was regarded as the most prestigious Imperial Academy in the Galactic Empire.

In the original trilogy, we see things from one side, the side of Luke Skywalker and the fight for a world where Jedi protect the galaxy again.

In truth, the sabotage had been perpetrated by the Academy's Office of Student Outcomes, which wanted to discourage local loyalties among the student population.But I loved the description of the planet of Jelucan and its customs. Even the living conditions of Imperial officers on a Star Destroyer.Ved Foslo was a male human who was a native of the planet Coruscant, and son of the Imperial General Foslo.After graduating from the Academy in the weeks prior to the Battle of Yavin, Foslo became a top weapons expert for the Empire.Following the Battle of Jakku, he designed newer weapons systems that were refitted into the Imperial Navy's TIE fighters making them much more powerful than ever before.

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When the Jelucani cadet Thane Kyrell rang the door chime outside their dormitory unit, Foslo chided him for ringing the chime to his own quarters.

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