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ASFA found more than 60 per cent of young Australians have multiple super accounts due to lethargy in consolidating them and 30 per cent report trouble in finding old accounts, despite ready online access available via My Gov. If you have a full time, part-time or even casual job and you earn more than 0 in a calendar month your employer is required to make super contributions to a fund on your behalf at the rate of 9.5 per cent of your wages.If you are aged less than 18, super contributions are only payable if you work more than 30 hours per week.We have found thousands of accounts for our clients and have helped consolidate tens of millions of dollars.

ASFA CEO Dr Martin Fahy and young Australians discuss super – why it’s the best bet for saving for retirement.You'll be able to view them securely in My AMP and an email has been sent to you with instructions on how to do this.If you have any questions please call us on Before you decide whether to bring your super together, please read the important information on our website at au/consolidate By submitting this request I understand and agree to the following: 131 267, will collect your information in order to perform a Super Match search and/or to process your super consolidation request.If you need anything, call us on 1300 763 721 during those 10 days.We'll notify you in a few day's time when your results are available.

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We'll send you an sms or email when your super search results are available on My AMP, and an email with instructions on how to log in.