Biker dating in texas

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I talked to Alonzo in December in the waiting room of the Polunsky Unit, near Livingston.

That was not the way I wanted to see him: I had wanted to visit his cell, his pod, to observe how he passes his time — to see how he lives.

Dating back to the days when rival motorcycle gangs roamed the streets, this signal indicated disrespect to the other rider(s) and was clearly meant as negative and often times led to confrontation.

Those of you who don't - will hopefully learn something. I've been riding a motorcycle my entire adult life and I've been paying attention.There are basically three categories in the laws of equity:2. If you both are riding the same "type" of bike, such as chopper, rocket or touring motorcycle, then your odds are increased as well.3. If you both are either wearing or not wearing helmets - odds increased again.To further illustrate this concept: IF you both are riding hardtail Harleys and not wearing helmets, the odds of a hand gesture between the two of you are VERY high.By most estimates, they are also the most expensive to keep under lock and key.According to TDCJ spokesman Robert Hurst, the average cost of housing Texas inmates is about ,000 a year, but medical and end-of-life expenses hike that figure to some ,000 for elderly inmates. A 2012 report from the ACLU calculates the average national expense for keeping a prisoner at ,000 per year — and twice that much, ,000, for inmates older than 50.

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Not replying to this blatant plea for hospitality may be considered rude - and could possibly be interpreted as a strong message of inequity.

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